Emilie Sonvico
  • Age: 28
  • Division:
  • Height: 5’57 / 170 cm
  • Boxing practice: 9 years


Emilie Sovinco is 28 years old, she is French and was born in Paris. Emilie’s father lives in the center of France and her mother lives in Guadeloupe.

During all her life, Emilie has been a great athlete and very young she began to enjoy sports. At the age of 4 years old, she starts to do equitation and she practiced this sport during more than 7 years. Beside Emilie was also doing Judo, Tennis and Swimming. Later Emilie discovers athletic sport, her natural talent and her hard work at training push her to reach the national level of French athletic during 15 years.

Emilie discovered boxing in 2009, according to her, this sport was a true revelation because it allows to release all her energy. Less than a year later, she has been French champion « pré-combat ».

In 2011, Emilie joined the French gendarmerie and moved into the south of France. There, she decided to dedicate her time for her job and her family but she was still doing boxing as an amateur.

Now she took a new decision that has changed her life, she will do boxing at 100% and do everything that is possible to become one of the best boxing champion women.