Mehdi Ameur and Nathalie Lacroix founded JSUGE and started to manage athletes’ careers. Soon after they met the French boxer : Johann Duhaupas. Then, they defined a strategic plan for Johann’s career.

2015 › One year later

Only one year later, Johann reached the top of heavyweight boxing rank. After an epic won against the champion Manuel Charr, he was qualified to face the WBC champion of the world : Deontay Wilder. Johann fought the champion with a honourable performance but he lost at the 11th round.


In 2016, JSUGE created a boxing event concept named ‘‘STARFIGHT’’ and began to organize boxing shows in Monaco and France.


JSUGE has grown and recruited new talents like Christian Thun, a German professional heavyweight boxer of 26 years old. The company also recruited Emilie Sovinco, a french boxer who aims to participate at Tokyo Olympics Games in 2020.


JSUGE believes that boxing is a vertuous sport with noble values and awesome shows. Moreover we thought that boxing is a complete sport who can benefit to the physical health and the mental health of anybody.

Then we aim to spread boxing interest around Europe where it is still underestimate. The purpose is to increase the notoriety and the image of this great sport.

Europe is in the DNA of JSUGE and as a promoter, we wish to organize international events in European countries, with the best boxers of the world. We also want to form new talents in Europe and give them all the necessary resources to help them to develop all their potential.


Mehdi Ameur

Mehdi Ameur

Co-founder & CEO

Mehdi Ameur has been a professional rugby player in France and Spain during 10 years. Beside of his sporting career, he founded companies in textile and construction. Thanks to his experience as a professional athlete, Mehdi is aware of the athletes’ needs for their development. He combined his sports expertise with his abilities to run a business to build JSUGE.

Amy McGill

Nathalie Lacroix

Co-founder & General Manager

Nathalie Lacroix is a lawyer, she has a master’s degree in law and she graduated from ESADE with a master’s degree in International Business. After over 15 years of successful experience as International Business Director and Legal Advisor in private banking and real estate investment, she decided to join JSUGE. She is specialist in management, negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts. Nathalie brings her expertise in business management to the sports business within JSUGE.

Patricia Knowles

David Godber

Head coach

David Godber is the head coach of JSUGE’s boxers. He was an instructor for the US Marines. After his experience in the army, David became a boxing coach. Today he has more than 25 years of experience in boxing and he has formed many great boxers like the actual heavyweight champion of the world : Deontay Wilder.

Patricia Knowles

Jeremy Ruiz

Physical trainer

Jeremy Ruiz is the physical trainer of JSUGE’s athletes. He has a large knowledge in sport preparation thanks to his experience with professional rugby teams in France. Moreover Jeremy has been specialising himself during 3 years in the individual sport preparation and he is now perfectly able to manage the preparation of boxers.



At JSUGE, we enjoy to face new challenges, we believe that it is the best way to learn and to grow faster. We think that challenge is the key to stimulate the talent of our boxers.


The respect is at the center of JSUGE’s philosophy. Boxing is a sport full of humanity. Inside the ring there is no friend but outside the ring, it should always have respect.


We believe that the achievement of an athlete is the result of all the members of his team. Then we are driven by a strong team spirit in all the activities of the company.



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